The Five Roles of a Masterful Leader

Learn a revolutionary leadership model based on ancient wisdom and equine insights – and harness the five roles of a masterful leader: dominant, leader, nurturer/companion, sentinel, and predator. Work with the horses to become a master of non-verbal communication and learn how to use advanced social and emotional intelligence tools to create healthy relationships at work and in life.

  • Half or full-day introductory workshops
  • Multi-day advanced workshops
  • Corporate retreats
  • Speaking engagements

You’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of the leadership roles, and the ability to identify the ones you over-emphasize. You’ll learn how to balance them, creating the space for better communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

Workshops and retreats are held in the Boulder/Denver area as well as Arizona and other locations in the US and abroad.

Conflict Resolution

Powerful Tools To Advance Social Intelligence

In these half-day and full-day workshops (introductory or advanced) you’ll focus on specific tools such as using emotions as information, preparing for difficult conversations, non-verbal communication, and other principles that advance social intelligence.

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