What is it about horses? How did they earn enough credibility to teach humans about leadership?

Horses can see things you can’t see… By their very [instinctive] nature, horses are masters of social intelligence and models of emotional agility. As animals possessing extremely large and sensitive guts – and hearts for that matter – they exhibit a remarkable talent for receiving and responding to emotions and non-verbal information.

Studies have shown that roughly 90% of human communication falls within the non-verbal range, which means only 10% is verbal. Horses are uniquely qualified to teach us ways to use our other 90%. What we think we’re communicating is sometimes in stark contrast to what we’re unconsciously conveying through heart rate, muscle tension, breathing, and the various emotions that cause those physiological responses to rise and fall.

If you truly want to see how you show up, step into a round pen with a horse. The beauty of working with horses is that they’ll show you your blind spots – and they’ll do it without judgement. We can practice our social intelligence and leadership skills with the freedom to express ourselves without the fear of backlash.

Where else can you do that?