My watch stopped this past January and after two new batteries and several failed attempts at the repair shop I took it as a sign… a sign to accept the Universe’s message to be more present in my work this year. Because in fact, there’s no other way to be when working with horses.

Time is a human construct. A currency. We “spend” it. And the wise ones do so with great care. After all, we don’t have an endless supply. We know we’re in the flow of something that aligns with our spirit when time slips away at warp speed. And when time “stops”-  it may be because we’re spending it on something unpleasant or undesirable.

Horse time is vastly different from human time. Although they’ve been taught to operate on our time demands, horses don’t function according to human timelines, expectations or desired outcomes. In my experience working with horses, when there’s a goal involved I can be sure the horse is tuned into that. And when I have a rushed or unrealistic timeline associated with that goal, I can just forget about meeting it.

Horses feel – at a cellular level – when the air is heavy with expectation. They immediately sense when your breathing is tight and restricted, or if your movement is hurried. That body language means you’re not present, and to a horse that can be a deal-breaker. If you try to hide it, HA! Good luck trying to hide anything from a horse. Whatever it is, they’ll see through you like a freshly Windexed pane of glass.

Time may be a necessary part of human life, but when we focus on the end goal of any endeavor purely for the sake of meeting a deadline, we might skip right past something innovative, beautiful, or important.

So instead of speeding through ventures with the intent to bargain for time, and haggling to save moments –  pause, breathe and remember to be present. Although the price is slightly more expensive time-wise, the value and quality of the output are considerably higher.

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