Lara Darvie, Founder

Hi! I’m Lara.

Entrepreneur, speaker, and facilitator dedicated to helping professionals achieve the highest level of self-mastery at work and in life.

A Bit More About Me


In my 20+ years in business, I’ve observed the good, the bad, and the ugly of leadership. Hired by a large corporation when I graduated college, I found myself working with a very difficult person – who turned out to be one of my most important “teachers”. This experience fueled my curiosity about human communication, inspiring me to study corporate and public communication and write my masters thesis on leadership in the workplace.

I’ve worked with large Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized organizations, small companies, and also co-founded a successful business. One thing I observed across the board? Leadership skills were badly needed. My own included.

This inspired me to make a bold move. I set out to learn what sets exceptional leaders apart from the pack. Here’s what I learned: social and emotional intelligence skills are the common denominator in masterful leaders.

Today I’m helping professionals excel at work and in life by offering a new way to approach leadership, from a place of self-mastery; one that allows leaders to develop themselves and create transformation in their teams.

Social Intelligence At Work

Social intelligence is “the capability to effectively navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and environments”.

(These horses are wearing transparent fly masks - not blinders)

Where Are Your

Blind Spots?

Horses have two blind spots, one directly in front of them and one directly behind them. To their credit, they’re keenly aware of their blind spots. Humans? Not always. The beauty of working with horses is that they show us our blind spots, and they do it without judgement. The goal of this work is not to point out each others blind spots and “fix” them. The goal is to harness our instinctual patterns and make them conscious, allowing us to balance the five roles of leadership – dominant, leader, nurturer/companion, sentinel, and predator.

A New Model

Time for A Change

Have you noticed that the old forms of power – command and control styles – are no longer viable? Here, you’ll focus on a different form of power and leadership, one that emphasizes a balanced approach to the five leadership roles. You’ll learn:

  • A revolutionary, nature-based leadership model
  • How to identify and balance your ‘default’ roles/patterns
  • Counter-intuitive tools for conflict resolution

When everyone on your team can balance all five roles – using them at the right time and place – the intelligence, creativity, and power of the entire herd are elevated.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform relationships – through leadership, social intelligence, and conflict resolution – using a model for human organizations adapted from those found among animals.

How It Works

Experiential learning with horses is a fast track to evolving your leadership skills.  If you truly want to know how you show up, step into a round pen with a horse. Somehow practicing leadership skills with a thousand pound animal makes it easier to interact with a human of just about any size.

Why HorsePowered?

The nature-based orientation of this work brings a holistic element to learning; one that demands your full presence and participation in a way that few other learning models require… because horses will accept nothing less.

Lara Darvie is a modern renaissance woman. Her corporate and personal development experience, and her exquisite presentation presence, are enhanced by empathy, intelligence, courage, and adaptability, making her a rare facilitator, teacher, and coach of people who are ready to excel in life and work.

Linda Kohanov - Best-selling Author, Eponaquest Worldwide Founder

First off, thank you for the great training you provided us the past two days. Your presence in and around the horses and our class ensured we all felt comfortable and cared for. You are definitely a gifted teacher. Insightful, knowledgeable and caring are the three attributes that come to mind when I think of you. Your personal feedback after the horse exercise was reassuring and comforting to me and gave me confidence for the next exercise inside the corral.

Paul Riffle - Purple Mountain Institute

What impressed me most about Lara as a workshop facilitator and as a person is her authenticity, particularly her ability to "walk her talk.” This will serve her well as she leads others into greater understanding of what factors make group dynamics truly thrive within a team, and how leaders can watch for and help shape interpersonal dynamics.

Erin Menut - Advanced Eponaquest Instructor

This training not only provided a much needed break for me from the treadmill of my daily work, but more importantly provided much inspiration and new input as to how to be a more effective leader and co-collaborator.

Emmett Skiles - Director of Operations and Membership, Impact Hub

I had several "aha!" moments throughout the course, both in my own interactions with the horses and observing other participants. Horses are natural teachers that show you what you need to know.

Cate North

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