Horse Wisdom For Human Leaders

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How Does Your Team Show Up At Work?

According to FastCompany, while some people plow through conflict to get their way, a recent study by VitalSmarts found that 95% of employees have trouble voicing differences of opinion, which results in a loss of roughly $1,500 per eight-hour workday in lost productivity, doing unnecessary work, and engaging in active avoidance of co-workers for every crucial conversation they avoid.

HorsePowered Teams provides advanced leadership and conflict resolution programs that leverage ancient wisdom and equine insights for business leaders, executive teams, and entrepreneurs.

Why Horses?

Horses can see things you can’t see… By their very nature, horses are masters of social intelligence and emotional agility. As animals possessing extremely large and sensitive guts – and hearts for that matter – they exhibit a remarkable talent for receiving and responding to non-verbal information.

Studies have shown that roughly 90% of human communication falls within the non-verbal range, which means only 10% is verbal. Horses are uniquely qualified to teach us ways to use our other 90%. What we think we’re communicating is sometimes in stark contrast to what we’re unconsciously conveying through heart rate, muscle tension, breathing, and the various emotions that cause those physiological responses to rise and fall.

Listen for the wisdom

Because many of the skills horses teach us are counter-intuitive to humans, the lessons learned are often surprising, swift, and transformational. Some experience sudden and powerful revelations. In many ways, practicing advanced leadership skills with a thousand pound animal makes it easier to interact with a human of just about any size.

Get Your Team Outside

Our advanced leadership model covers a lot of ground - from skill-building sessions inside to activities with the horses outside in the fresh air. The nature-based orientation of this work brings a holistic element to learning; one that allows - actually demands - your full presence and participation in a way that few traditional learning models require.

Increase Productivity

Once each team member understands how to balance and use each of the leadership roles, the social intelligence of the entire herd is elevated. Just being aware of how we tend to overemphasize a certain role opens the door to a new way of being in the world. Teams function in a more cohesive and productive way, and revenues soar.

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